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Name: Junior League Singles
Date: Sunday 19th July
Bullough Moor BC, Heywood

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Presentation Day

Federation Youth Team - Champions 2013
Back: Adam Rushton, David Kerrigan, Tom Eccles & Joe Jolly
Front: Ryan Edwards, Jade Beresford & Joe Howarth

Dunwood Park 'A' - 'B' Div Champions

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Minutes of the League Meeting of 16th April 2010
Meeting At Thistleyfield BC, Rochdale

Chairman - Tom Belfield
Secretary/Treasurer Tim Rothwell
Fixtures Jim Barton

Bullough Moor - Mick. Riordan
Kirkholt Steve Morris/Barry Sharples
Queens Park Rodney Fowler
Royton Keith Gledhill
Thistleyfield Jeff Wilcock
Wardle Andy. Howarth
Ladies Joyce. Jones

In Attendance: No additional attendees.

Apologies: There were apologies from: Alkrington Jim Hynes & Milnrow MP Barclay Warrington

Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th March 2010 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

Rules 2010 :
The revised rules for 2010 were received by the Clubs.
Following discussion it was also agreed that the start time could be brought forward to 6.30pm if agreed between the teams and that if required matches could be re-scheduled for Friday evening or Saturday morning to accommodate teams.

Teams for 2010: Teams for 2010 season were confirmed as:
A Division
Alkrington ‘A’
Bullough Moor ‘A’
Queen’s Park ‘A’
Royton Park

B Division
Alkrington ‘B’
Bullough Moor ‘B’
Queen’s Park ‘B’
Milnrow Memorial Park
Kirkholt ‘A’
Kirkholt ‘B’

Fixtures will be available next week. Start 7th/8th May Ends 9th/10th July.

Competitions 2010: League competition club entry forms were circulated to clubs.

Queen’s Park requested that their Pairs KO would need to be on 11th July NOT 18th, therefore closing date will be 4th July.

British Parks Junior Merit 1st August 2010 at Hare Hill Park.
As Rochdale have been allocated 8 places, the clubs agreed to nominate1 player from each club to play in the Merits.

Observer Junior:
The Secretary advised the clubs that the Rochdale Observer Men’s competition was now going ahead with a new sponsor (Hughes Gas Wisely). The finals night is scheduled for Friday 23rd July and therefore the junior event final can be played on that evening.

Following discussion the cubs agreed to hold the Junior Observer event on Sunday 20th June at Thistleyfield BC, with the event being played down to the semi-finals. Club entry forms to be circulated nearer the time.

Federation Matches: First match will be at Heavy Woollens at a single two green venue in Heckmondwike on Sunday 2nd May 2010.
Coach will leave Rochdale Town Hall at 9.00am

The team will have new shirts for this season and the clubs agreed that players should be asked for a deposit of £5 for their shirt. This will give the League a fund to replace shirts as required instead of needing to seek grants for major replacement when we run out due to shirts not being returned. Including the embroidery the cost of a shirt is around £8.

The deposit will be returned when the shirt is handed back, or the shirt can be exchanged for a larger size, or retained for the following year. Deposit will be forfeited if the shirt is not returned at all.

The Secretary expressed some concern over the lack of progress on naming a Youth Team and unless we are able to confirm a team we will have to withdraw from the youth Section.

Grant application: The Secretary reported that no response has yet been received on the grant application to the Community Foundation for bowls and team shirts.

Next Meeting: No further meetings were required until the end of the league season.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.00 pm.

Date of next meeting

7.00 pm on Friday 30th July 2010 at Thistleyfield BC.
Posted on 25 Apr 2010 by Jim Barton
To be held at THISTLEYFIELD BC, Friday, 26th February, 2010


Apologies for Absence - Ring Tim please 01706 653472

Minutes of previous meeting - 9th October 2009
- AGM 2009
Matters Arising

2009 Season - Receipts & Payments Account For Approval

Rule changes - Proposals received (Completed voting paper to meeting please)

Election of Officers: Currently
- Chairman T Belfield
- Secretary T Rothwell
- Treasurer T Rothwell
- Fixtures Secretary J Barton
- Development Officer M Riordan
- Child Protection Vacant (New post)

Federation Teams for 2010

Team managers 2010
- Juniors J Barton
- Youths J Kirby

League Teams for 2010 - Update from clubs

Clubmark Accreditation -

Any Other Business - Grant Applications

Date, Time & Place of Next Meeting

Set date Suggest: Friday 26th March 7.00 pm


Qualification for a Divisional Average prize will require players to have played at least 2/3 of the games available in the division.
i.e. 10games = 7played , (12=8, 14=9 etc)

Rule 19/20:
‘B’ Division to have 5 start on the card for players. This will be reduced during the season if they outplay the handicap. - ? how to manage

Rule 19/20:
Junior League 'B' Division Positive Handicaps.
That players who are aged 9 years or under on 1st January receive a +5 start in their league games for that year until such time as they have won two games, after which their handicap will cease. Queens Park


Apologies were received from Derek Ackroyd, Jim Hynes & David Williams.
Minutes of the last AGM were read and approved. There were no matters arising.
The chairman gave his report in which he congratulated all of the winners from last season. He also stated that he wanted to attract more youngsters to the game and was looking for better entries in the leagues competitions. He said that although there was less success in the Federation matches this year some young players had been blooded and this would stand them in good stead for future comps. He thanked the committee for their hard work and paid thanks to the secretary for his work and efforts. He said that there was a lot of hard work in the future and that everyone would hav to work together.
The treasurer presented the balance sheet and reported that a profit had been made this year. There were no problems with funding. Harold Hull pointed out that insurance was not shown on the sheet and the treasurer said that it was included in expenses.
Mr. Hull said that it should be shown as a separate item on the balance sheet. In the absence of the auditor the balance sheet was approved.
The secretary had circulated a copy of his report and said was that he had nothing to add.
There were four notices of motion. Motion 1 was passed 9-0. Motion 2 passed 6-2. Motion 3a was defeated 5-3. Motion 3b was passed 5-4 and motion 4 was passed 9-0

Election of Officers. The chairman informed the meeting that there were three vacancies, vice chairman, secretary and development officer. There were no proposals for any of these positions and the chairman asked the meeting to canvass their clubs to see if these positions could be filled. The chairman, treasurer and fixtures secretary were returned unopposed.

Any other business. Harold Hull informed the meeting that four places had been reserved in the British Parks Junior Merits for last years and this years winners and runners up of the Rochdale Observer Junior Comp. This would be held at Lister Park Bradford on the second of August. In view of this John Kirby suggested that the Observer Competition be brought forward to May with the triples event being held later. John also informed the meeting that he did not think that Buersil would be entering a team this year. Debbie Shaw said that she did not think that Kirkholt should stage the Observer as one person was biased against her son. It was pointed out that this was an isolated incident and the person had been spoken to. Mr. Wilcox from Thistleyfield said that it was and excellent run competition and a credit to Kirkholt.

The chairman said that dates and venues would be sorted out at the next meeting.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8.40 p.m.

Next meeting: Monday 23rd February 7.30 p.m.
Posted on 25 Feb 2010 by Jim Barton

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